Blueberry banana bread

It’s not just my love of alliteration that made me want to create this recipe; I really do think that bananas and blueberries are just the perfect pudding pairing (I really do love alliteration). I’ve loved combining them in my breakfast smoothies for a while now as not only do the fruity flavours really work well together, but you also get the amazing antioxidant properties from the blueberries as well as the energy-boosting awesomeness of the bananas. To put it simply, they’re a pretty powerful combo, the Batman and Robin of the the fruit world if you will. Continue reading

Six ingredient no bake peanut butter fudge flapjacks 


My six ingredient no bake chocolate fudge flapjacks have been one of our most popular recipes to date, both on Instagram and among my family and friends; Mr H says they are the ‘best thing ever’ (which coming from a man with such gastronomical experience is quite an accolade), my family (and his) now request them at family gatherings and friends who’ve tried them are similarly obsessed. Continue reading

Salted caramel pecan pies 

I’ll tell you something – I hate politics. I don’t watch the news, I don’t get involved in family dinner table debates (of which there are many, snore) and I sure as hell am glad that the 2016 US election has now been and gone. Even I couldnt get away from that one, and I must say I spent far more time afterwards than I would have liked thinking (and being scared) about the outcome. I mean what has happened to the world? It’s a sad state of affairs, but that’s all I’ll say on the matter. Continue reading

‘Cheesy’ garlic sweet potato mash with toasted pecans 

This is my new go-to side dish when it comes to entertaining. I’m obsessed with sweet potato as you may well already know, especially in the form of wedges, but when you’re having lots of people over (or if you’re just juggling a million things at once and trying to cook a meal at the same time aka my life) these are very low-maintenance. All you need to do with these is peel, chop, boil and whizz – it’s oh so simple, not to mention totally delicious.  Continue reading

Raspberry chocolate chip blondies 

You might be familiar with brownies, but have you heard of blondies? If you answered no then I’m about to totally rock your world. This sweet treat is popular in America and typically uses vanilla and brown sugar in place of the cocoa used in traditional brownies, hence the name.

And they’re bloody delicious. Trust me – they’ve been tried and tested – the first time I made them I was so happy with the result that I sent Mr H a picture of them (he was at work at the time) and then magically he managed to get home unusually early that day. He quickly ate his dinner and then sunk three blondies for dessert, before claiming that he’d ‘quite like another one, but that would be a bit piggy’. One day later, they’d all disappeared (he blamed the cat) and a polite request for a second batch  had been made.  Continue reading

Peanut butter cup chocolate fudge brownie birthday cake

Peanut butter cup chocolate fudge brownie birthday cake

This year was Mr H’s 31st birthday, which he really wasn’t happy about. Apparently he’s ‘properly’ in his 30s now that his age  doesn’t end in a zero anymore, or at least that was his logic. So as the day approached it became clear that to cheer him up I’d need to feed him something chocolatey, indulgent, rich and delicious, and to get top wife marks it would need to include some peanut butter too. Continue reading

Greena colada smoothie


Greena colada smoothie

I’m not a big fan of walks in the rain, but I do like a good pina colada. In fact it was the very first cocktail I tried thanks to my Dad – he had a theory that if you give your kids a tiny bit of alcohol from a young age they’re less likely to be lightweights as you’ll have built up their tolerance for alcohol slowly over the years. I don’t think said theory has any scientific backing, although it certainly meant that booze never really became a ‘thing’ for me – I’ve never been a binge drinker, even at university, and these days nine times out of ten I’ll pick a smoothie over a sauvignon blanc. Continue reading

Choco-banana-quinoa breakfast sliders


Chocolate banana quinoa breakfast slider pancakes

Breakfast is a magical thing – it has the power to transform something that would usually be classified as a dessert into a totally acceptable main meal. And I’m all about taking advantage of gastronomical norms when it means I get to start my day with something super delicious, a little sweet and potentially (and more often than not) full of cacao and or nut butter.

Continue reading

Peanut butter and raspberry jam cheesecake slice 

Peanut butter and raspberry jam cheesecake slice

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – peanut butter is one of the loves of my adult life. I’ll happily eat it on its own, but I’m fully aware that there are some foods out there that complement it beautifully too. Chocolate is one (try our peanut butter chocolate cheesecake slice if you don’t believe me) and jam (or jelly to our American pals) is another. In fact we must applaud our friends across the pond for this delicious combination as they came up with PB&J over 100 years ago! It seems to have taken its time to become quite as popular in old Blighty, but the PB&J revolution is definitely now growing momentum over here too. Continue reading